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This is the formal website that describes the work of Dr Peter Morgan, who has been involved in research and development within the rural water supply, hygiene and sanitation sector for almost 50 years. It has been subdivided into several sections, including sanitation, hygiene, and water technologies. In each category there are descriptive books, manuals, power points, reports, papers and photographs. Most of the described research has been undertaken in Zimbabwe, but the concepts are being applied in other countries across Africa, and beyond.


Peter Morgan Ph.D., D.Sc. (Hons), M.B.E                                  email: petlinmorgan(at)gmail.com

B.Sc (Zoology 1964), Ph.D. (Marine Biology 1968), D.Sc. (Hons) 2014, University of Hull, UK.

1968 - 1971: Research Fellow in Limnology, University of Malawi.
1972 - 1992: Medical Research Officer & Advisor, Blair Research Laboratory, Ministry of Health, Harare, Zimbabwe.
1993 to present: Director, Aquamor Pvt. Ltd, Zimbabwe. Now retired.

Designed various Blair VIP toilet systems, a range of hand pumps (including Blair and “B” type Bush Pump) and various water related technologies (family based, self supply methods and hand washing methods etc). Studies in Ecological Sanitation led to simplified methods of recycling human excreta (Arborloo and Fossa alterna). These various developments, in combination, serve millions of people on the African continent.


An introduction to this website, and acknowledgements, by Peter Morgan

During my retirement, I felt a need to keep my work in the field of rural water supply, hygiene and sanitation available for those who were interested. I have continued to perform research work on a small scale, and this new website will be updated with material as it emerges from the author's hands.

This site describes the work I have tried to do in the field of rural water supply, hygiene and sanitation. And specifically for the African continent, and more specifically for Southern and Eastern Africa. I have no qualifications in this field apart from experience. I am a zoologist by profession and proud of that, but I drifted into this field on arriving in Zimbabwe, then Rhodesia, many years ago.

As biologists, we were trained to write and describe things in detail and also add detailed illustrations, and that I have continued to do. So the various works are well illustrated – with photographs.

I have combined illustrated manuals, papers, reports, power points and video film etc on this site dating back nearly 50 years.

I am a researcher and experimenter by nature. Whilst referring to many other works, all the studies described here are my own, unless otherwise stated. I have written them all in a simple language. That is the language I understand myself. Making things seem easy is the best way – in simplicity there is elegance. You know the old quote:

“The designer knows he has reached perfection,
Not when there is no longer anything to add
But when there is no longer anything to take away.”

That is the way I have chosen to do it.

Along the way I have been helped by many people and I acknowledge them below.  I thank them all.

I trust you will find this new website useful.

We should all aim, in some way or other, to improve the world in which we are privileged to live, so that in the field in which we have chosen to work, we will leave the world in a better state than when we arrived.



Many friends and colleagues have assisted me and given encouragement over the years. I list those beneath in alphabetical order.

Ingvar Andersson, Clare Barrington, Erich Baumann, Mike Belford, Jens Berggren and staff of SIWI, Dyson Blair, Ned Breslin, Paul Calvert, Paul Canter, Sue Cavill, Oswald Chakauya, Steven Chandiwana, Tedious Chanyowedza, Felix Chawira, Morris Chidavaenzi, Ephraim Chimbunde, Elias Chimulambe, Lynn Coetzee, Piers Cross, George Anna Clark, Vic Clarke, Jeff Conant, Linus Dagerskog, Kerstin Danert, Christine Dean, Howard Dean, Paul Deverill, Brendan Doyle, Gunder Edstrom, Karl Erpf, Steve Esrey, Ron Evans, Bill Fellows, Frank Fleming, Madeleine Fogde, Timothy Fred, Peter Gaddie, Fambi Gono, Edward Guzha, Tuki Gwata, Peter Hawkins, Richard Holden. Jim Holland, Gary Holm, Sarah House, Jean Humphrey, Steve Hussey, Roger Ing, Micheal Jere, Bengt Johanssen, Maxwell Jonga, Norman Johnston, Barry Jackson, Hakan Jonsson, Alphabet Kano, Annie Kanyemba, Diane Kellogg, Anthony Kilbride, Andreas Knapp, Marianne Knuth, Sasha Kramer, Elisabeth Kvarnstrom, Jim and Jill Latham, Richard Laing, Jon Lane, Sue Laver, Goldberg Mangwadu, Baidon Matambura, Gideon Matemazano, Brian Mathew, Duncan Mara, Hosias Mashingaidze, Douglas Mashiri, Peter Mason, Nabeth Mawoyo, Joshua Mazanza, Aselefech Tesfaye Mekonnen, Simon Metcalf, Jim McGill, Paul Morgan Jnr, Naison Mtakwa, Patience Mtakwa, Twitty Mukundia, Shungu Munyati, Kinya Munyirwa, Cleophas Musara, Malaika Mushandu, Shadreck Musingarabwe, John Mutisi, John Mvududu, John Mwenda, Stephen Nash, Jack Naude, Philimon Ndororo, George Nhunhama, Andrea Nick, John Norman, Obeiro ong’ang’a, Richard Owen, Gaarth Parsons, Simon Pitt, David Proudfoot, Alan Pugh, Martin Rall, Arno Rosemarin, Ron Sawyer, Clive Shiff, Mayling Simson-Hebert, Nima and Vinod Solanki, Dave Still, Steve Sugden, John Sudd, Sam Sunguro, Sally Sutton, Baker Takawira,  Rupert Talbot, Paul Taylor, Almaz Terrefe, Edwin Toriro, Erwin von Elling, Elisabeth von Muench, Sr Patty Walsh, Anthony Waterkeyn, Ulrich Weyl, David Williams, Rolf Winberg, Uno Winblad, Alan Windrum and Peter Wurzel, Above all others I thank my faithful and loyal wife, Linda, and our children, Paul and Suan, who have cared for and supported me so well over the years. In particular I thank my son, Paul, who produced this new website, and will maintain it going forwards, so my work in this field will remain available in the future for all those interested.

To all these friends and colleagues and others, I offer my sincere thanks.

Peter Morgan
February 2022


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